Focus 3-21

Focus So easily lost Hardly found Deceiving when sought-after  Cleansing when allowed Within us Found through mirrors with our eyes closed Advertisements

Sleep deprivation 3-18

It’s late and the stars are out along with your lip and tears, I won’t let go though. When the tension breaks your calm body allows mine to relax and I feel like I get my first breath in minutes. Your sweetness while in dream land makes it all worth it, even when I know […]

Daughters 3-13

I have three daughters. Until I had daughters I never thought of the fire fighter, only the fireman. Until I had daughters I never thought of the police officer, only the policeman. Until I had daughters I never considered the amount of male super heroes against female super heroes, even though my favorite hero is […]

Conflicting 3-7

Two post in one day? Crazy talk. I have been thinking a lot for the past few weeks about an internal struggle I am having with the religion I am baptized into. I am a Latter-day Saint, many of you would refer to me as a Mormon. The whole Mormon vs LDS is a topic […]

Muse 3-7

I have been thinking a lot about my other blog for fantasy football. It is odd how I miss it even though it is not gone. The muse who was there once seems to be hiding though. I used to be able to take one or two tweets from well know dynasty player and elaborate […]

Waves 3-5

A stream of consciousness style is usually how I do this. Writing my thoughts as they come to me when I sit down to write. I have decided on the name for my blog, something different than My Thoughts Eternal. I don’t really like the ‘my’. It seems selfish, like no one else has these […]