Thought 5-10

A horse of course, that is the line stuck in my head. Why of course? If I ask my daughter there is so much more to it. There is a story and depth there, making me feel like it is not a given. Taking away metaphor and making things seem factual in her imagination.  Advertisements

Frustrated 4-14

I usually start with a title but not today. I’ll figure it out as I go. This week my whole family was derailed. We all got a horrible stomach bug resulting in days of vomit and body aches. The worst part is I know who got us all sick. A child from my daughters nursery […]

Stretch 4-11

This week on the Art of Manliness podcast there was a guest on who wrote a book about stretching and chacing resources. In one part Scott Sonenshein talks about the benefits of imposing an artificial limitation to help us stretch resources instead of chacing resources. He also talks aboit how successful companies limit themselves to keep focus […]

A moment 4-10

I actually have a moment to myself. It has been a while since I could stand here in my kitchen. Resting against the white tile counter top and waiting for the water boil in the stainless steel kettle. I have to go to the bathroom to blow my noise so I do not wake up […]

Work 4-6

I keep having this thought about work. I work an 8-5 manual labor job. I enjoy it. It kills my back and my body. But I get fulfillment out of fixing things and making them better than when they first came to me. There is a big emphasis on entrepreneurs right now. Or on finding […]

Neglected 3-31

I have been neglecting you. Taking care of a new baby is a lot of work. We have had to take my daughter to surgery (which went well) and other appointments to help her be able to see when she is older. This has meant I am working weekends to make up for days during […]