Frustrated 4-14

I usually start with a title but not today. I’ll figure it out as I go.

This week my whole family was derailed. We all got a horrible stomach bug resulting in days of vomit and body aches. The worst part is I know who got us all sick. A child from my daughters nursery class at church. I am not upset at the child, he is 2 years old and had no choice in the matter. I am however annoyed and astonished that a parent “needed” to be at church so bad they came with a sick kid. Then after knowing they had diarrhea still they stayed for class after servuce. I am fairly certain God understands when a parent misses church to take care of a child. I am also fairly certain God’s eyes are rolling because of how careless and selfish it was. Two of my kids got it along with my wife and myself. My oldest daughter was born with a heart condition so when she tells us her heart is racing and it scares her we tale her in. I left work early and spent the rest of the day with her getting EKG’s and heart monitoring. Thankfully things calmed down and they did not record any heart palpations. 

It could not have come at a worse time. To add to it all, the company I work for is in the tail end of changing ownership and I have a ton of work to get done. Missing two days is setting me back and there is a good chance the work will not be there for me when I come in. As an Automotive Tech/Mechanic I am only paid for the work I perform and complete correctly. So no work is no good.

It is also my birthday tomorrow, which looks like it will be spent at home instead of being able to do the things my wife planned. I am not very big on birthdays but she is and seeing her happy is a great present to me. My birthday is right before easter so it was going to be egg hunts and fun stuff for my kids around town, another great present. Instead they are stuck on the couch trying to hold in their juice.

So here I am rocking my 3 year old daughter while she sleeps, after she just puked down the hallway because we couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. Thinking about how sick I am of being sick and whether or not taking my daughter to nursery is worth it. A thought I didn’t think would be an issue. Kids get sick, I understand. I can’t in good conscience put my daughter in an environment where there are no rules on who can and cannot be there. It is not a real childcare so laws do not apply. It is glorified babysitting so parents can sit in church unencumbered. In a real childcare or school a kid with diarrhea gets sent some. At church they just have a parent change the diaper and it is done.

Side note, potty train your kids young. My daughter was on the toilet before two. It can be done. Spend a rough month working on it and thank me later when you see parents changing knarly 3 y/o+ diapers.


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