Stretch 4-11

This week on the Art of Manliness podcast there was a guest on who wrote a book about stretching and chacing resources. In one part Scott Sonenshein talks about the benefits of imposing an artificial limitation to help us stretch resources instead of chacing resources. He also talks aboit how successful companies limit themselves to keep focus on their product. This got me thinking about my own pursuits and wanting to share my ideas. I started on Twitter and a message board. I quickly abandoned the message board and started my own blog. My writing was picked up by UTH but it was still writing. Then I started making short videos on vine which I really enjoyed. Just little nuggets every morning while I walked my dog. (I realize I am saying I a lot but I swear there is a point to all this.) Then I was asked to be in a podcast. So I had writing, video and audio. In the fantasy sports industry being versatile is a big deal. Many people believe if they can do this they will be successful in the industry, which is partially true. 

The way things are going with technology and how we consume sports being versatile is a big win. It is also a big commitment and requires a lot of time. I had to stop doing the podcast because we couldn’t do it late enough and my kids need me when I can be home. I work during the day and they notice when I am gone. Vine collapsed and I bought a house so I just let my dog out instead of walking him. The biggest thing though, honestly, is it all seemed so huge and me so small. Even after I created an Anchor account for Audio and Instagram for short videos I still rarely produce with them. My writing struggles becauss instead of writing I am thinking of how I could say it on video or audio. 

I was chacing. I thought I could do all the extra things because I was being recognized as “good” in my writing. I thought it was what I wanted but it’s not. The truth is I am happy making good money working for Audi. I love spending my time away from work with my wife and kids. A part of me will always want to be a “fantasy expert” or “fantasy analyst” but it is a much smaller part of me. 


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