Work 4-6

I keep having this thought about work. I work an 8-5 manual labor job. I enjoy it. It kills my back and my body. But I get fulfillment out of fixing things and making them better than when they first came to me. There is a big emphasis on entrepreneurs right now. Or on finding ways to making money and work less hours. It is sometimes over glamourized though. If you listen to or watch the recent Gary Vee stuff he has shown how much he works. Being successful is not easy. Social Media can make it look easy though. Sometimes I see people talking about work and it blows my mind when anyone would choose to work somewhere they hate. Life is too short for that. We can be happy in a “normal” job though. Another contributing factor is living outside ones means. The huge amounts debt taken on with school. Then add on “the car you deserve” or “need”. Throw in a credit card because those airline miles will be great, then traveling will be “affordable”. Expectations making it impossible to be happy unless there is six figures on the tax return at the end of the year. Being content gets a bad rap. I have contributed to it. I don’t want to be content in everything, I always strive to make myself better. I am content with my lifestyle though. There are people who would jot be happy with my life which is fine because it is mine. I guess what I am getting to is I hope you live your life for you and not for someone elses ideas or standards. Live within the means present and work hard. If it’s not good enough, work harder. There is no easy way out. Happiness is possible inside ones self though.

I suppose my gripe is really with anyone who believes there are no jobs out there and they have to be a techie or entrepreneur to live a good life. I see “hiring” signs every day on my way to work. There is plenty of money and good life to be had by learning a trade. People can easily learn a trade without debt and being making a great living in a fulfilling career.


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