Conflicting 3-7

Two post in one day? Crazy talk. I have been thinking a lot for the past few weeks about an internal struggle I am having with the religion I am baptized into. I am a Latter-day Saint, many of you would refer to me as a Mormon. The whole Mormon vs LDS is a topic for another day, something I can get into later if you want. Today though, I need to brain dump the thoughts I am having and maybe other LDS people are having them too. The church has recently taken some stands against what I believe are basic rights for the LBGT community. On a side note, is it LBGTQ? I’m not trying to be offensive, I just don’t know what to write. Anyways, they have even come out with a statement baring children of couple from that community. As someone who has family and friends who are gay, this is troublesome. They are still people who are trying to live good lives. I believe in the seperation of church and state and do not think any church should be involved in politics. The current state of which is being hit more and more after this past election. I also don’t think my church should be supporting any group infringing on bathroom rights. I have three daughters, I have never been worried about a transgender person assaulting them in a bathroom. I do worry about a straight man assaulting them on the way to or from though. And yes, I realize anyone can commit assault or rape, those crimes are not gender or orientation specific. If you are thinking that of my statement, why are you more worried about the opposite side of this arguement? Now I’m being argumentative. My struggle is following a group of leaders I believe are making a mistake. Much like they did with race and the priesthood. I genuinely believe in the next 20 years we will look back at this as a dark time in LDS history. I have to remind myself the leaders on earth are human and even though I shouldn’t question their choices I do. The LDS faith has base in questioning religion and leaders yet most of the culture forgets this or now believes “you question things, just not anything to do with the church.” I witness this all the time on sundays during classes when people make comments not based in scriptural fact but in their own narrow interpretation. Then others just blindly follow without question or their own research. It blows my mind and is incredibly frustrating because often times these narrow minded comments offend investigators, converts or new members. Why? Because these people have not forgotten how to question yet. I will never be one to follow blindly. I have a strong testimony in the power of prayer and of God. I just worry about much of my church having lost it’s way. Another thing bothering me is Christians ignoring the parable of the Good Samaritan. The story is impactful because those two men were mortal enemies. Yet he helps and takes care of the man on the side of the road. America in it’s current state seems to care about no one. I realize plenty of people care and it feels this way because of media. I still see plenty of people in my real life who directly oppose this teaching. I just want to be able to focus on forgetting the self and serving others. Yet so much of recent Christianity in my church and others seems focused on other things. The path has been lost it seems. This all… for now…


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