Matter 3-1

This post is a little different in that I am putting this paragraph last. Currently I am sitting at an eye clinic for my 8 day old daughter. There are several other parents with their kids here and it is a disaster. One parent and child are having a screaming match. Another has been telling her kids to stay close for the last 20 minutes because they keep walking away. Seeing this reminds me how much I value my relationship with my daughters. It reminds me of how good they are at listening, helping and being kind to others. I do my best to show them the importance of love and service towards others. I try to convey to them we should focus on those who matter and things that really matter. Of course, this can often be lost on a 2 and 4 year old but I have to believe they pick up on some of it because they are so well behaved. They must know some of it is true because they often want experiences more than materials. This is ultimately what I was working out and thinking of when I wrote the following earlier today….
I love Dr. Seuss, his books and timeless qoutes. This week my daughters class is learning about Dr. Seuss and through the books. One of my favorite qoutes of his is

The common saying of “mind over matter” looks completely wrong when changed into this context. The better saying would be “matter over mind”. I am trying to keep my focus on those who matter and ignoring more of those who mind. I do feel there is some good, constructive criticism, which can come from those who mind. For the most part though, we can live our lives without concerning ourselves with those who do not matter. This distinction is created when we define “those who matter” as people who bring happiness, strength, love, and/or value to our lives. I had to exercise this in social media by removing myself from the echo chamber that is facebook. I also unfollowed everyone on Twitter and forced myself to be more selective, I think I mentioned this in a previous post. Sorry.


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