Buyers Remorse 2-26

I do not have buyers remorse with our house. It has been around 6 months and I still love it. I think I will always love it which makes me feel lucky. Today I was talking with someone who talking about selling their home and how they never really likes it. This is nuts to me. Why spend so much money on something you dom’t like? My first thought, and I think it is most common, is to keep up with the Jones’s. There is so much pressure on people to buy a home and the marketing/sales is done so well that people rush into it. We can be pre-approved through an app on our phone, we don’t even have to talk to anyone. Then add in a realtor who just wants a sale so they can get paid and boom, buyers remorse. I remember a few years ago feeling really pressured to buy a home. A few of our friends and bought houses and we felt like our lives were lagging behind. We stayed diligent though and did our research. We waited until we felt comfortable with income and expenses. We spent month looking for the perfect house in the price we determined. Our price, not the lenders price. Please do your research. Please be patient. Please forget about the jones’s and find what makes you happy, not them. Don’t have buyers remorse.


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