A New Baby 2-22

There is something magical about a new baby. I realize not everyone wants to have kids. I challenge anyone to look into a new baby’s eyes and try not to feel the magice in new life. I’m not talking 3 month old, I’m talking three hour old. It is almost like they still have one foot in pre-existance. Their eye site can only make out shapes and light, not enough detail. When they look at you though it feels like they see your soul. Like they know who you are, who you were. There is magic in them. Even those who feel kids “are not for them” will feel it. This child I am looking at now though, is mine. Not that i own her, I don’t really like saying “she is mine”. But she is my daughter. I can’t believe it on some level. I joke about “my 30 seconds of pleasure creating a lifetime of work”. It is crazy how life works. Not life in the sense of actions we take but life in the sense of a soul.


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