The Next Thing 2-20

I need to write something for UTH. I have an idea for a commissioner article but it hasn’t all come to me yet. I’m hoping this will help me loosen up. Though as I sit here I am thinking of how forcing things doesn’t work well for me. Things flowing free in their own direction feels better. I don’t even think I can say it is writers block because I have the idea. I have parts of it but the whole of the article is just out of reach. This is likely because my wife is going to be induced tomorrow. I am at work now and asked they wait until tomorrow. I realize this is entirely selfish, I admitted as much to my wife when we spoke. Being present is much easier when my thoughts are not drifting towards work. I am going to try and write my dynasty article now. The blank page scares me. Not in a “I’m going to die” kind of way but in an “endless possibilities, don’t mess this up” kind of way. Maybe scared is the wrong word. Intimidating is probably better.


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