Work 2-18

I had to work today. I’m actually sitting in my car, about to drive home, but decided I should take a few minutes to do a brain dump. I hate waiting for this baby. It could be anytime now. I feel like I am just waiting for a phone call from my wife saying her water broke. Nonstop waiting. It is driving me crazy. Can you tell how patient I am? I usually can be very patient. I realize I have no control over when the baby comes so I can’t even jump the gun. My impatience is manifesting is other ways though. I keep telling people “it could be any day. Maybe today, I’m just waiting for the call.” Even now I am leaving two hours earlier than I should because “the bloody show” happened this morning and I’m worried she will go into labor today. What is interesting to me is how I react now compared to the other girls. My first two girls, there were complications. Life threatening ones. When my wife gave birth to my oldest, the doctor told me they would both likely die. Fast forward to today, my wife has had no complications. She will probably go 40 weeks instead of 3 weeks early like the other two. But I’m still worried. Still scared. Still trying to be brave.


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