Battery is dying 2-16

I missed last night but here I am in the morning. Here I am in the hospital, waiting to see if my wife’s labor will pick back up. I rushed home at 5pm to find her contracting so hard she was dropping to her knees. I changed, got our bag ready, got the kids ready and we left. This is our third child, another girl. I love my girls. I wanted a boy but I think it is mostly just being a man and being told I need a boy. The truth is, I can do almost all the same things with my girls. They are amazingly smart and eager to learn. I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter because I love them more than anything. This third one is giving us a hard time now though. Last night the doctor was talking about breaking her water. My wide opted for something to help her sleep instead. The down side being her labor may have stopped. The down side to her water being broken and why it is scary is she would need a C-section if the baby didn’t come in 24 hours. She really does not want a C-section. I wouldn’t either. So here we wait. The doctor should be in this morning. This child and my wonderful are all I can think about. MFL should be up today. I doubt I’ll get to take advantage haha guess I have one more thing I am thinking about.


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