Thoughts on 2-14

I have been thinking a lot about retirement today. About how little money me and my family could live on if we didn’t have debt. We don’t have very much when considering national averages. One student loan around 17k and a car loan at 6k. This doesn’t include our house. When I do the math of how much money I spend a year on debt it makes me sick. We started our journey of paying debt off pretty early in the relationship,  back when we were only dated I paid off 10k in credit card debt of my wife’s. I hates credit cards and had never had one. Then one year my parents talked me into getting one with a 2k limit. It floated between 1k and max for about a year before I ousted the damn thing. Then I went to school to be an automotive tech. Something I am very thankful and regret at the same time. I worked for ferrari for almost 4 years because of school and the path it took me. I also took on $40k in debt for something I could have done with $0 debt. The path I took though and the lessons learned are ultimately still worth it. Not many people can say they have driven supercars, yes multiple. I also make a nice living now while I work for Audi. The debt though cannot be gone soon enough. Most of my tax money is going towards paying it off. Then I am never financing another car again. The car is a story for tomorrow. Good night. Time is up.


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