5 minutes 2-13

I always do this. I set a bar too high for myself and I get intimidated theb I bail. I did with my other blog and I did with UTH, now this. So I thought of a way to stop the cycle of my fear. I wanted to stream of consciousness here which will stay. But I will write for 5 minutes before my evening meditation. Whatever I get down in thos 5 minutes is what it is. I was thinking earlier that I can do more than I give myself credit. But I need an easy bar. There is not much scarier than a blank piece of paper. Or in this case the white wordpress screen. I am hoping this 5 minute exercise will help me be more consitent and concise. While also allowing me to be genuine. I wont be able to blabber on but I will allow myself to go over 5 minutes. I just need to do at least five minutes. I probably should have been doing “five” and not “5” this whole time. I hope this brings value. I hope I can share some good stories or thoughts. Thank you for reading, see ya tomorrow.


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