Cold but sunny 1-29

There is so much going on in US politics right now and it is hard to keep up. Immigration is a huge topic with Trumps new attempt to ban Muslims. It is getting scary. My grandparents are immigrants. I have friends whose parents are immigrants. It is the american dream to leave a place of poverty or tribulation and become something sustainable here. I want my girls to be able to achieve those dreams. I want so badly for them to find and realize their dreams…. It really doesn’t even affect my family. We are citizens of the US. We are here. But I feel connected to it still. I want everyone to have the chance. Every human life should be valued. Of course some have made choices which need to have consequences, negative ones. I believe most people are generally good. Or at the very least will act nicely if the actions taken towards them are nice. I realize this could be a rabbit hole. As much as I want to dive in, I do jot have the time right now to do it. Maybe I will be able to put more thoughts down later. The main thing I am thinking right now is the question of: how can anyone say they value life and not want to help those in the most need? Especially those who claim Christianity… the good news is tge court system is working and those already here with green cards are safe. I feel like I should do more than this blog and twitter. Maybe I need to call my senator today. Do you feel the same? 


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