Cheating Death 1-19

My father should be in a coma right now because he stopped taking the medications he needs to stay alive. His Liver does not work properly, causing excessive amounts of amonia to get into his blood stream and ultimately poisening his brain. He admitted to the hospital with levels over 170, normal is around 30. He should be in a coma… i feel bad for him. I feel sad. I also feel frustrated because he did this on purpose. I do not think he meant to go this far with it. It’s not the first time he has pit himself in the hospital though. Before he ended up in the hospital he was caught by sister after being with a lady of the night. My sister tried to set rules for him and he hates rules. She also told him of a plan for him to move out of her house. He knows if he moves in with other family though, he will not be able to manipulate them. At least, not as much as he does my sister. So, in an attempt to gain pity and ultimately be able to stay with no rules or consiquence, he ended up in the hospital…. like I said, I feel bad for him. I am also a little relieved he was not living with me when this happened. He was for a while. Until I set rules. Until I told him I would not put up with his temper in my house. Until I told him I did not want him skipping his medicine and dying in my house. Until I told him I did not want his shady activity coming to my house. I did give him a chance. Instead of believing what I said he tried to call my bluff and ended up in the hospital. Problem was, I didn’t bluff. The rules were set and he could not help himself. Or he did not want to. It is like he wants other to feel pity and guilt. I think probably guilt. He is a very angry man and guilt is the weak version of anger. It can be portrayed with passive agression. With tears. But I don’t give in… time for bed.


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