Limits 1-19

We all have limits but I am starting to see more people in my life who do acknowledge them…. There are some who are taking advantage of those who feel they have no power. Who feel helpless and without limit. I want to tell them to step up for themselves. They have power over themselves and allowing other to take advantage of them. The last time I did, they said “of course” and “I agree”. My realization now is they were just agreeing with me bause they agree with everything. They did not take to heart what I said. They need to hear it from themselves and somehow I need to find a way to get them to admit it. It is not that they are bad people for setting limits but for whatever reason they feel like they are. There is some form of guilt. A false sense of duty perhaps which ultimately has lead to becomong codependent enablers. They need perspective. Maybe to see how it is bad for someone else. I wish I could get them to read some literature on it but they may think I am being an ass. Which I guess is ok. They need to do something.


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