Content 1-8

I have spoken to people about how I do not like being content. The thing I was missing is that content… that being content has nothing to do with ambition. I realize it may read like i am saying content as is a part of something not as contentment. Anyways, I realize my issue with ambition. Something that you can have while being content. I realize this now as I am more content with my life and where I am but still want to do more. I want necessarily want more, but to DO MORE. I cut more objects and things out of my life and focus more actions and the people around writing. My trying to sound the way I feel. It is interesting to me that I keep coming back to this sounding forced. I am so used to editing and reading my work over and over again. But somehow this feels weird. Maybe because I am not reading it over, just setting the SEO and publishing from my phone… my wife is reading “Wacky Wednesday” to my kids for bed. I love dr Seuss books. I wish I could write like that. Maybe I need to try. I say I wosh but in reality I have never tried. My wife is gonna try something new by focusing her instagram towards her passion for made-from-scratch food. She is a stay at home mom and it is awesome. I am so greatful I provide the income for her and our kids. I hope we get out of debt sooner than later so i can provide more. I hate that I have a student loan. The further I get into my career the more I realize how much of a scam it is. I could have done the same thing without it. Maybe it would take me a couple extra years to be making what I do now. My youngest just came over and got a sip of water then proceeded to spit it on the floor. I don’t what got into her. Sometimes two year olds are monsters. She is laying next to me now and playing with my ear. I remember what I wanted to share though. A qoute from “smart money smart kids”. It says “content people may not have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything.”


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