Hello snow 1-7

I always feel like writing when there is something on my mind I feel is pressing. Something I don’t want to forget. This is why I like my Note5. I write notes all the time. Today is budget day. I really want to be out of debt. So my note was to make sure I do a budget. We need to get on track. Not that we haven’t been on track. It has just been more relaxed…. my daughter had me turn on barney. We haven’t watched in forever. I’m not sure what brought it back… We finished our budget. It went ok. Money is always a rough spot for us. Is it for you? I imagine it is hard lots of people. The hang up for my wife is “but things come up”. It never fails. The thing about a budget is if it’s not in the budget than either you don’t get it or it is a real emergency and you use the emergency fund. This month our roof started leaking so we got it fixed for $375. It was not in our budget so I wanted to use the emergency fund, a leaky roof is an emergency to me. But for her, “things come up.” We have the money to not use the emergency fund but it is money we could be using to pay off debt. I’m not sure which answer is the right one, whether we use the fund or not. But there is always a reason to not pay off pur debt aggressively. 


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