Snow fall 1-2

It is snowing outside. This would normally be exciting because I have the day off work and could enjoy it. I had plans for today though and it is not worth the risk to me. We wanted to gonto Powells and it is close to 45 minutes away. I don’t want to get side swiped by an ass hole who doesn’t know how to drive in the snow. I used to live in real snow and drive all the time. Over here though if there is even a flurry it is like everyone forgets how to drive. Oh well. It is my day off and right now I am laying in bed after putting my daughter down for her nap. She is so peaceful when she sleeps, so innocent. I know she will be back to being her little monster self when she wakes up. I say monster but she is really snuggly right now. I think she is having growth spurt because she also keeps falling over and getting upset but not knlwing why. She has a very large vocabulary for a two year old. She must get it from her mother. Her mother, my wife, had a bit of a melt down today. We are trying to build our own end table for the couch and she has a hard time keeping numbers straight and visualizing objects like that. I am a little better but it takes me time. She was upset because her father is not here to teach her. She misses him a lot. I still have my father, I don’t know what it feels like. To make things worse he passed while she was a teenager, so there a lot of things he was not able to teach her. He was a contractor and from what I have heard he could fix or build anything. I hope people speak as highly about me when I die. I hope the good times over shadow the bad. I have been trying to be better with money for my girls. My parents always made it sound like we were broke growing up. I realize now that we were but it is because of living in debt and outside our means, not lack of money. I don’t want that for my girls. I am trying to break that cycle. The book “smart money smart children” by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze has been great. About half way through and it is going to live on my bookshelf as a refrence for a long time… my daughter just rolled over. I hope the snow picks up a little so we can at least play in it today.


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