End of the year

It is saturday, 12-30-16 and I finally made another blog for things other than fantasy football. I always loved writing. I used to aspire to be a writer but for some reason I let the dream die when I was kicked out of college. I realize I do not need college to be a writer, anyone can write. I want to write with purpose though. I want to be better and show progress. I realize I keep saying “me” and “I” like a selfish child. This is besides the point of this new adventure. The point is to allow myself to put my raw thoughts into the world. I always enjoyed stream of consciousness and how it reflects what the brains feels and wants. So here I am spilling out the ectoplasm and writing. Really writing without an editor or rules. The site I wrote for has a lot of rules about writing. My orher blog doesn’t. I understand we need rules, especially for a paid product. This is stupid though because if it read well and sounds good than what does it really matter? Are the readers really going to notice that i said “that” once or twice? Or when I use “1” or “one”? Maybe they will, I do not know. “Do not” is another rule we can’t use things like “can’t” or “don’t”. This all still beside the point of what I want to do but it is at the same time all part of it. It is what my brain has gone to and what I am thinking. My daughter is laying down on the floor, watching her movie. She keeps making noise and my other daughter is in the next room asleep. I should tell the one to be quiet but is it really worth the fight? I don’t think it is because she will get bored in less than a minute. I should get back to reading my book. See you soon. I wont really see you but maybe you will see more of my writing. Thank you.


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