At Church

I am sitting in a pew at church. To my right is my four year old daughter and to my left is my younger daughter and wife. It is faat sunday but the younger one insists on eating a snack during church and I don’t really want to fight her so I let it happen…. I was inspired to start doing this, writing, by my new step brother. It’s still funny to think I have a step brother at 28. It has only been a couple weeks since our parents got married. My mom, his father. It is sad to me. His mother died less than a year ago. Yet our parents felt the need to be married and make a huge spectacle of it. My mom is gonna pissed if she ever reads this. But such is the risk of pouring my thoughts out like this… my daughter is standing in front of my, yelling “what?!”. She is playing like a waitress, wondering what my order is. We are still in church. I am not listening to the current speaker… the woman speaking is talking about her family and how she is the only member now. She explains it is hard for her partially because she doesnt feel they have things in common anymore. I can’t help but feel sorry for her. Not because her family member left the church but because they didn’t take the time to foster commonality outside of religion. She is crying now. My daughters ask if she is ok and I let them know she is fine…. the crying reminds me of something my new brother in law wrote about his mother that almost made me cry.


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